Primarily engaged in painting, Linney’s practice is informed by an interest in technology and the point at which the human hand meets the digital – an attempt to re-humanise the digital through embracing error, chance and glitch.

A consistent visual methodology in her work is a reference to the technology of Photoshop and its ability to create layers of image.  Her painting method responds to this process through the use of grounds and veils in both digital and analogue format . This layering of information through images reflects the contemporary condition of image overload, cascading screens of information that a viewer is weighed down by, a desperate attempt to find meaning in visual clutter whilst mining this clutter for substance. This process is subversive through misusing technologies such as scanners, Photoshop, photography, collage and painting to position the human as defined by imperfection. The end result being a painting- an analogue finishing point built on fragments of the digital.



2016-2019 Bachelor of Fine Art – National Art School , Sydney

December  2018 – National Art School Graduation Exhibition , Sydney

March 2018 -Group show – National Art School Library Stairwell , Sydney

August 2017 – Par Femme , Group show , Comber street Gallery , Sydney

June 2017 – Group show , Maunsell Wickes Gallery , Sydney

March 2016 – Now – Muse Gallery , Sydney

May 2015 – Eleven – Group show – Sun Studios -The Fin Collection , Sydney

July 2014 – Tales of Tempt – China Heights Gallery , Sydney

November 2012 – Art Equity ,Uproar group show , Sydney

October 2010 – Morphic Distortions – Global Gallery , Sydney

June 2008 – Counterfeit – Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

April 2008 – High St Festival collaboration – High St, Melbourne

February 2007 – Young Artists – Kingswood, New York City

August 2005 – Flasher – Blank Space Gallery, Sydney

2000-2004 – Diploma in Textile Design , International School of Colour and Design – Sydney

1993-2000 – Living and working abroad – New York City, Paris, London, Berlin